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1DAY Farmers

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This is kato from the agriculture department.

This time, I would like to introduce the 1DAY Formers held on 8/3, 8/5, and 8/7.

1DAY Formers 8/3
First of all, the participants made a pizza kiln and then harvested the seasonal organic pesticide-free vegetables that will be the ingredients of the pizza, and made the pizza! ! Everyone baked and ate a very delicious pizza.

1DAY Formers 8/5
The second day started with a breeding experience.
Cleaning pony kennels, brushing ponies
Some said it was the first time they touched a pony.
After the pony breeding experience, we harvested vegetables and had a BBQ with the participants! !

1DAY Formers 8/7
The third day started with picking eggs.
Participants picked freshly laid eggs and harvested vegetables Today's lunch is a keema curry using seasonal vegetables that everyone picked and minced fresh pork! !

It's been raining lately and I was worried
It was a sunny day when it was held.

This year, unlike last year, it seems that there were many participants, not only parents and children but also adults.

The 1DAY Formers will also be held on September 5th and 6th, so we are looking forward to your participation.

Kazuki Kato, Agricultural Department

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