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Complete meal "Mukashi Tamago"

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This is Teppei Matsubara from the Tokyo Sales Office.
Unfortunately, during Golden Week this year, there was a mood of self-restraint.
In each household[How to have fun at home]Isn't that a big theme?

I tried to put effort into cooking for myself, which I usually don't have time to do.

Eggs are said to be a complete food and contain a well-balanced amount of the nutrients you need each day.
It's also convenient to have raw eggs as is.

During the holidays, I tried making pancakes and pudding.
Boiled eggs with soft-boiled eggs, omelets, fried eggs, etc.
I thoroughly enjoyed the egg dishes.

What I'm currently recommending are pancakes and pudding!
Fluffy pancakes and pudding that can be made with just milk.
Pudding in particular is a simple sweet that brings out the flavor of the ingredients.
Has no odor and is rich in flavor"Old egg"is highly recommended!

we are producing"Old egg"Both male and female eggs are fertilized eggs raised on natural pasture.
Like “Natural Grazing Pig Tategamori Plateau Pig Premier Cru”
This is one of our carefully crafted products that brings us as close as possible to the natural environment of living things while taking safety into account.
Last year, despite the harsh conditions of pasture raising,JGAP certificationWe have obtained.
This is information from the judge.
"This may be the first time in Japan that this certification has been achieved through pasture-raising."
I hear that.

These are strong, healthy chickens that have grown up happily running around outside without stress.
I'm jealous because unlike us right now, we don't have to stay indoors in a self-restraint mood.
Everyone can enjoy this carefully selected complete meal."Old egg"Try it!
Unlike chickens kept in cages and given equal access to the same food,
Each egg has its own unique personality, so that's part of the fun.

Everyone at the farm is preparing every day to welcome customers at any time during the self-restraint mood.
Now is the time to be patient so that this situation can be brought to an end as soon as possible.
As a producer, we are working hard to deliver to our customers as always.
Please rest assured.

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