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Speaking of sausage garnishes...

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Hello everyone.

This time, in order to have you eat sausage of ARK more deliciously,
I would like to talk about sauerkraut as a garnish.
Sauerkraut is German and is called vinegar cabbage in Japan.
Even if you say vinegar cabbage, it's a sour cabbage, and it's not pickled, but it's lactic acid from fermentation.
It is one of the popular ingredients in many countries, although the name changes.

You can also make it at home. Cut the cabbage into thin strips, add about 2% of the weight of salt and your favorite spices, and it will be sour in about 3 to 7 days and ready to eat.
Overseas, it is stir-fried or served in soups in different countries, but in familiar places, there are many opportunities to eat it as cabbage sandwiched between sandwiches.
Of course, in Germany, there is a popular way to eat several types of sausages and pork, especially thigh meat, on top of sauerkraut.

I think that you can enjoy the sausage and meat taste more with the cabbage texture and the sour and refreshing taste.
By all means, I hope you will try the ham and sausage of Tategamori Ham Koubou in a slightly different way than usual.

Handmade ham workshop Ryo Onodera

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