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Become a new scenic spot on the ranch! !

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The long-awaited "that" has been completed on Kagayaki no Oka! !

This is Tenbodai.
You can see a wide range of various places, and I think that it has become easier to understand the state of Mt. Hanamori directly below.
I would like you to check it with your own eyes.

Sansuyu forest.
It looks bright yellow.

It is a state near Wanpaku Square.
The daffodils here are in full bloom.

In addition to this, tulips, cherry blossoms, magnolias, and rape blossoms are also growing rapidly.
It looks like it will bloom at any moment.

We will update the progress of growth on SNS etc. one by one,
I would like you to come and visit us and burn it into your own eyes.

Farm Management
Makoto Chiba


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