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It's starting to change color little by little...

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It was April and it was getting quite warm.
However, yesterday and today's high temperatures of over 20 degrees were a bit unbearable for my body, which was used to chilly weather.

Due to the recent warm weather, the flowering trees on the farm are starting to bloom little by little.

Red plum blossoms near Niji no Oka Garden. Bright pink flowers.

These are the petals of a kobushi near the chicken house on the premises. White flowers are starting to bloom.

These are cherry blossom trees around Yumemigaoka Garden. The four seasons cherry blossoms have begun to bloom. The buds of the Someiyoshino cherry trees and double cherry blossoms are swollen, and it is now possible for them to bloom at any time.

The daffodils at Niji no Oka Garden are in full bloom now! !

The yellow flowers of cornelian cornflowers are in full bloom at the former Egg Hiroi Farm.

This is the tulip field at Yumemigaoka Garden.
This one will take a little more time, but around 400,000 tulips should be in full bloom around Golden Week.

Tategamori Ark Farm will finally be officially opened this weekend.
At the Farm Department, we would like to strengthen our landscape management more than ever and welcome our customers. Please come and visit us.

Farm Department Makoto Chiba

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