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After the Herb Summit Pre-Event

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Even into April, mornings are still chilly.

The other day, on April 1st, a pre-event for the National Herb Summit was held here at Ark Ranch.

Many participants seemed to be enthusiastic about learning how to use herbs to make them delicious.

​This time, at Restaurant Til's, we will of course have a tasting of herbal tea,

We provided several dishes for tasting to everyone who attended the event.

Perilla, cherry blossoms, mugwort, shiso, hakobe, sagebrush, etc.

By participating in this event, I learned that Japanese herbs have various medicinal properties.

The more I know, the more I am surprised, and the more I study, the more I incorporate the goodness of Western and Japanese herbs into my cooking.

We would like to prepare for the Herb Summit to be held on June 24th and 25th.

Tomoko Minagawa, Tills Manufacturing and Sales Department

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