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Looking back at the 5S Sanitation Committee in 2018

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This year's term of the 5S Sanitation Committee is about to end.

This is the fourth year that 5S activities have been carried out throughout the company, but it has been difficult to maintain the same locations where the activities were carried out.

This year, our committee has been working towards the goal of ``enabling the maintenance and management of activity locations.''
The 13 divisions within the company work on activities with the aim of winning the monthly 5S Grand Prize every month.
Our role as committee members is to review and evaluate the activities and decide on the grand prize.

In the end, each department's biggest goal is to win the annual 5S Grand Prize.

★1 example - (devising how to place it from the floor to the wall)

Before: Tools occupy the floor.

After: I used the wall to create a vertical space.

The poultry farming club won the Monthly 5S Grand Prize and 2nd place this year for their ingenuity.

★Example 2 - The storage of tools is amazing, as if all departments compete!
This is the proud tool storage area of Sakanoue Farm, which won 4th place this year.

5S is the basis of working at a company.
I realize that it is important to accumulate daily efforts.
Next year, I believe that Wakaba Chairman Sasaki, who has a wealth of experience, will further evolve the organization.
I think it was a year in which I was able to grow as a person thanks to everyone's support.
thank you very much.

​H28 5S hygiene committee members

Kenichi Hashinuma


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