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Spring has come to the farm as well.

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It's the end of March, and I feel like spring is slowly approaching.


The wind is still cold,
It's very cold in the morning and evening.

Meanwhile, inside the Ark Farm,

Red plum blossoms bloom

The tulips are also getting bigger and bigger.

Every year during Golden Week

Approximately 400,000 tulips bloom in Yumemigaoka Garden,
We look forward to seeing you.

This place is filled with colorful tulips.

There is also a lavender field

At its peak, it's sure to be even more spectacular than the strategy itself! !

Although we are currently in the preparation period, I am really looking forward to the best time to see them.

I hope you will leave Ark Ranch as one of your memories this year as well.

Well then, another time...

Sales Department Iwabuchi

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