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This is Honma from the sales department. In the process of replacing the online shop,
I was late every day, and as I was getting younger, I couldn't get rid of my fatigue.
Aside from that, from the previous online shop,
An online shop with a reputation for being much easier to use and view,
Please come and visit us at least once.

Well, today was my first public holiday. Yes, it's "Mountain Day."
​The children are on summer vacation, so I don't think they pay much attention to holidays.
For working people, it means just before Obon.
Depending on the company, there may be Obon holidays starting on this day.

As someone who was born in August, I was wondering why there are no holidays in August.
The long-awaited holiday has arrived. but! nothing special,
It's about to end quietly (lol)

Finally, the pair will be delivered to your doorstep in early September.
I'll just show you the cover of the Freshly Made Hoyahoya pamphlet.
This is for those who use mail order and
This is delivered only to Tategamori Ark Farm members.
“Tategamori News Autumn” tells the current state of Tategamori Ark Farm.
We will deliver it together, so please look forward to it!

The hot days continue, so please take care of yourself!

​ Sales Department Nobuaki Honma

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