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Would you like to try making bread?

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There is a handmade bread class among the experience classes at Ark Farm.
As we enter the summer vacation, many people are participating.
I would like to introduce some of the things that have recently stuck in my mind.

A family came from Morioka,
A grandfather, grandmother, and two elementary school-aged grandchildren participated.
The day before, we experienced Genbi glass making, and the grandfather and grandmother
She also participated in a baking class because she wanted her grandchildren to have a variety of experiences.
A grandfather whose hobby is making soba noodles supports his grandson as he kneads the dough.
Grandma was taking pictures of the scene. I think family is great
We had a heart-warming time.

I think there are many fathers and mothers who are too busy to go out with their children.
Am I too busy in the world? ! As a mother
I felt that I should once again express my gratitude to my grandfather and grandmother.

Ark Farm also offers various other hands-on classes.
Why not participate with your family and friends?

​ Misae Sato in charge of bread making


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