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Winter scenery and flowers waiting for spring

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My first job in the morning is collecting chicken eggs.
Approximately 2,000 eggs are harvested by hand every day.

Monitoring the health of chickens is also an important job.
The key points to observe are how they bite the bait.
When the weather gets colder, the amount of food fed increases.

The chicken coop is surrounded by a lot of snow,
This is what the outside looks like from inside the chicken house.

My hobby is taking pictures of the ranch during my breaks from work.
This time I would like to post about two photos.

"Snowy scenery all around"
Suddenly, I noticed that the view from the rest room was beautiful, so I took a photo of it.

"Yellow plums waiting for spring"
I found a yellow plum bud in 50cm of snow.

There has been a lot of snow this year, and we are having a hard time working outside.
Today, we had another problem where our management vehicle got stuck in the snow and had to be rescued using heavy machinery and four men.
Fortunately, the car was rescued, but everyone was covered in mud in the morning (lol)

Poultry Farming Department Kenichi Hashinuma

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