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The long-awaited old egg soup

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Hello. My name is Hirodai Sasaki from the sales department.
Tokyo is warmer than Iwate! It is sometimes said that
It's been a surprisingly cold day with a wind blowing from the building.

We would like to introduce you to a product that is perfect for this cold season!

Those of you who have already visited our homepage or attended our events may already know this.
Made with plenty of our old eggs.
“Old Egg Soup” is now on sale! ! ! ! !

This soup is actually amazing...

1. No food additives used
Our products, including ham and sausage, are made without using food additives.
Of course, we do not use any such additives in this old egg soup.
Although it is normal for our company,
Not only is it delicious, but you can enjoy it with confidence!

2. Made with 100% Nera, a black chicken that used to produce eggs.
In fact, Nera's chicken is also very delicious, and its gara also makes a good dashi.
Shiitake mushrooms, which are the same ingredient, are also added to create a soup full of richness and flavor.
Therefore, the compatibility of eggs and soup is perfect and delicious!
By the way, this chicken bone was carefully stewed by Chef Kanazawa of Restaurant Till's.
Since I'm making it myself, I'm sure it's delicious!​

3. The amount of eggs used is more than twice that of regular egg soup.
Because we want everyone to enjoy lots of delicious eggs,
Our old egg soup uses plenty of eggs.
You will be surprised when you pour hot water and drink it.
There's a spoonful of egg, so it's worth drinking! !

Although it's simple, I introduced the great things about old egg soup.
Of course, you can also pour hot water and enjoy it.
Even if you add a small amount of rice or glass noodles, it's perfect for a light late-night snack.
You can enjoy it deliciously even if you try adding some arrangement!

[Sasaki style old egg soup hot and sour style]
・1 bag of old egg soup
・Hot water 170ml
・1 teaspoon black vinegar (vinegar is also acceptable)
・2 drops of chili oil
・A little green onion

①Pour the old egg soup and green onions into a cup and pour hot water.
*The key is to add 10ml less than usual.

② Add black vinegar and chili oil, wait 1 minute, and it's done!

Even if you don't have black vinegar, you can use vinegar instead.
It has just the right amount of sourness, so it's perfect even when you don't have an appetite!
We also recommend adding ginger if you like.

Please try Sasaki's easy recipe! ! ! !

According to my colleague Shinohara,"It's delicious and adds flavor to stir-fried vegetables."with
I have some information so I will try it in the future...

We are planning to sell it in Tokyo as well, so please check
We will introduce you on our blog and Facebook.
Thank you for your support! ! !


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