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Preparing for the 7th Tategamori Kaze Festival♪

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Let's have fun outside even in the cold winter~♪
The Tategamori Kaze Festival, which started with ``Tategamori Kaze Festival'', is already in its 7th year.

This year, we are trying a new event.
The name is a combination of gourmet and marathon.“Tategamori Gourmet Fun Run”
Let's eat some delicious food from the Tategamori area and have fun running.
This is an event! !
Looks like fun♪


I'm busy preparing right now.
There are also many other fun projects.

The feast tent also offers grilled sausage, pork soup, grilled corn, amazake, etc.
We will be preparing delicious dishes made with farm ingredients, so please come and have fun.

Event Executive Committee Katsue Oikawa

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