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It's getting colder

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It's November, and the temperature has gotten much colder.
The weaning shed that Park is in charge of handles piglets that have been separated from their mother pigs.
This time of year when it gets cold is the most difficult.

First, warm up the room for the piglets that will be moving in.
When you move in and the first thing you do is eat food and drink water, you will feel relieved.
Cold weather can be very stressful for piglets.

In addition to the cold weather, the air will also be dry.
Sprinkle water to keep dust out, or use mist to maintain humidity.
Just like people, piglets will cough when the air is dry, so you can easily tell.

Even in hot weather, it can be quite difficult.
That's why I think it's such a rewarding job.

Takashi Iwabuchi

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