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What is pressed ham?

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Hello everyone. My name is Sato and I am in charge of manufacturing at the ham workshop.
There is a difference in temperature these days, so please be careful about your health.

Well, this time I would like to talk about "Pressed Ham", which a customer has asked about.
If you look at the back label of ham sold in blocks at supermarkets, etc., it may say that it is pressed ham.
Pressed ham is a piece of meat such as pork that has been salted or has a binder added to it (excluding those in which the binder accounts for more than 20%), seasoned with seasonings and spices, and reinforced with binding. Refers to products that are mixed with or without additives, filled into a casing, smoked (or not smoked), and heated.
To put it simply, it is a piece of meat that has been pieced together and processed into a single piece of ham.

All hams sold at Tategamori Ark Farm are processed from a single piece of meat, so we do not sell pressed hams. Please try our roast ham processed from a single loin.

loin ham slice
Roast ham classic style (block)

Ham Kobo Shota Sato

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