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Happy Halloween!

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The wind has gotten colder. Your home has probably changed to help keep you warm.
The staff at the farm market enjoy sweeping up fallen leaves every morning. I'm here. There are still warm days during the day, so you can enjoy BBQ in an elegant setting.
At the entrance, there is a ``ghost pumpkin'' that has been brought over and over again by four people from the farm department to welcome everyone when they visit. You can also purchase them, so we hope you can find your favorite pumpkin.
The fun of Halloween is dressing up in scary and cute costumes and begging for candy while going trick-or-treating.
At the farm market, you can find langue de chat, animal cookies, herb cookies, boulin pudding, white boulin, pandereau, cheesecake, and more. . . All of our sweets are carefully baked one by one, using plenty of pesticide-free wheat carefully cultivated by the farm department and organic eggs cared for by the poultry department. .
Starting this month, we will be making sweets.We would like to make Hatakeyama's sweets from the crops that everyone has grown with care, and we would like to make them delicious for our customers.When you visit our store, we will try our best to make sweets for you as souvenirs. How do you like it? (^-^)〜♪TricorTreatk〜♪♪
Farm Market Chika Hatakeyama

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