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About the new spare ribs menu

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Today we would like to introduce a new menu that we are recommending from October.
~Tategamori Plateau pork spare ribs stewed in red wine~
Tender, odor-free and delicious meat from Tategamori Plateau pigs raised on original feed containing several types of herbs.
This time, the spare ribs are beautifully browned and simmered over low heat until tender using flambéed red wine, aromatic vegetables from the farm, and several types of herbs.
In addition, the sauce is made by slowly boiling the juice from the stewed meat, so the meat is very tender, the sauce is glossy, and has a rich and mellow taste.
It's a big meal with three spare ribs, but even the women enjoy the tenderness of the meat and the deliciousness of the sauce, making sure to eat every last bite of the sauce.
Please come to Til's and enjoy the autumn leaves of the farm while eating glossy spare ribs stewed in red wine.

Tills Kazue Iwabuchi


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