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It has become a new sauce.

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October is coming to an end, and we are starting to prepare for year-end gifts at Ark.
A new gift set is also available.
This time, the shabu-shabu set comes with sauce from Yagisawa Shoten in Rikuzentakata City.
Comes with seasoned ponzu sauce, sesame sauce, and sansho pickles.
The name of the ponzu sauce and sesame sauce is "I'd be in trouble without you."
It's a cute and interesting name.
Sanshozuke is also available for those who want a slightly different taste.
The ingredients are soy sauce, green chili peppers, and rice malt.
It is called 3 sho pickles because these three types are pickled in 1 sho each and fermented.
It's spicy.
Why not enjoy Iwate to the fullest with meat and seasonings produced within the prefecture?

Mitsue Sato

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