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Fujisawa Junior High School Work Experience Learning

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Three students visited Ark Farm from June 30th to July 2nd for work experience learning at Fujisawa Junior High School.

On the first day, we worked in the poultry department, and on the second and third days, we worked in the farm department.

In the farm department, we harvested crops and weeded greenhouses and fields.

Unfortunately, it rained on the second day, so we mainly worked inside the greenhouse.
On the third day, the work took a turn under the scorching sun, but the students remained undeterred and continued to work hard. By the way, the photo above shows people weeding around edamame plants grown outdoors.

His attitude toward work may have been the best of all the people I've worked with so far! !

They are still middle school students, and I think they are living a fulfilling life every day, studying, participating in club activities, and having fun (lol).
There is still a lot of time before you can become a member of society, so I want you to cherish the ``now'' and do your best every day.

Oh, it looks like my parental feelings have come out...! !

Farm Department Makoto Chiba


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