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Lavender soft serve ice cream on sale

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Hello. This is Konno from the Ice Cream Hall.
Thank you for waiting everyone, the lavender soft-serve ice cream has started.
Since the holidays, everyone has been asking me, "Do you still have the lavender soft serve?"
How many times have you answered, "Not yet?" Thank you for waiting.
Here, I would like to tell you a little bit about the process until it becomes possible to sell over-the-counter.
Ark Ranch's lavender soft serve is made with the natural lavender of Ark Ranch.
pluck. Powder the picked flowers.
So we can finally offer it to everyone as a soft serve ice cream.
And there are many people who think that lavender soft serve is purple.
I think, but actually, lavender has no pigment, so even if you make soft serve ice cream, it won't turn purple.
That's right.
However, I think that those who have eaten ARK Ranch's lavender soft serve will understand.
The moment you eat it, the gentle scent and taste of lavender will fill your mouth.
The most important thing is the voice of everyone who eats soft serve ice cream. Please tell me anything you notice.

In addition to the lavender soft serve, I would like everyone to see the lavender fields at a glance.
At the peak of the season, 10,000 plants are blooming beautifully and forming a purple carpet. myself in this field
I want to spend the whole day relaxing. It smells good and really soothes the soul.
When you come to ARK Ranch, I would like you to see the lavender and be healed both physically and mentally.

Also, the farm market front entrance is currently under construction, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
We are planning to finish the construction soon, so please give us a little more time.
We look forward to welcoming you back to the Ice Cream Pavilion in the future.

Mineko Konno in charge of Ice Cream Hall

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