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I love to eat!

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This is Oka from the West Japan Office.
My body has gotten used to the heat and I am starting to change from being a person from Tohoku to being a person from Western Japan.

July starts today. Half of this year has already passed.
There were many events in June, and I had a great time interacting with customers for more than half of the month in Shimane, Osaka, and Okayama.
We receive a lot of feedback. About products, allergens, Iwate and the ranch...
I can tell you all the information as it is, so please feel free to ask me anything.

I'm sure many of you watch the drama ``The Emperor's Chef'' every Sunday.
Viewer ratings seem to be increasing with each episode, and when I can't watch it, I record it and watch it too.
What got me interested in the world of food was the wonder of how a cook uses all five senses to bring out the characteristics of ingredients on a single plate.
And I love the look on the face of the person who eats it the moment they put it in their mouth.
I'm sure everyone has experienced that moment when you say, "It's delicious!" and the expression on your face changes when you look up from your plate without looking anywhere else.
It's nice to smile. Cooking makes people smile. .
As I said on this program, cooking is like music. It's like a symphony.
The sincerity is added to it, and it touches the hearts of the people who eat it...
I really like talking with such chefs.

There are restaurants that serve dishes using Tategamori Kogen pork, ham, and sausages.
Please enjoy professional cooking that you can't enjoy at home.

At the farm, Chef Kanazawa prepares dishes with this in mind.
When you enter the kitchen, you will be busy moving from left to right, but please feel free to ask us about your thoughts on cooking.

And more thing. In connection with the TV program.
Based on information from customers.
The morning drama "Mare" apparently featured a scene of a free-range chicken farm the other day, and a customer asked, "Are your chickens free-range like in the drama? What kind of environment is it in?" so I immediately searched on the Internet.
It came out. The poultry farm where the drama takes place is Kanagawa Prefecture. They were kept free range in a wonderful environment.
The breed of chicken that was kept free-range was the Nera breed.
Whether you've had Nera eggs in the past or not, please try them while imagining the environment in which chickens are raised.
The Nera breed is suitable for free-range breeding. Not suitable for cage keeping.
You might want to feel like Mare and try making sweets using Nera eggs.
Farm staff also said that the egg whites foam well and are great for making meringue.
If you take a photo and send it to me, I will feature it on my blog.

In July, we will be showing off our products at Takashimaya in Sakai for a week starting from the 15th.
I look forward to meeting you.
Please tell us various stories.

West Japan Office
Hirotaka Oka


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