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hello! This is Yuri Ono from the Pig Farming Division!

It seems that a wedding was held at the ranch the other day. I am also planning to attend my senior's wedding this weekend.
The two of us have known each other for a long time, the husband and I went to high school together from kindergarten to high school, and the wife and I participated in club activities together in high school.
It somehow makes me so happy when someone close to me gets married (^^) When I look at them, I think that someday I too want to be happy with the person I love.
If you want to have a wedding, this is the place! I would like to rent out the ranch and hold the ceremony! !
My dream is to one day have my wedding at Ark Ranch, my favorite place and my favorite people.

...Before that, I have to find a partner (--;)

Pig Farming Division Yuri Ono

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