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This year's ARK Ranch is good!

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Various roses, cute flowers, and cheerful garden herbs bloom here and there on the farm.

The red flowers and white flowers of the shrubbery that bloomed after the azaleas

In the fragrant wind garden, lavender is starting to bloom.

A rose garden in full bloom in white, yellow, red, and pink areas

Delicious wild strawberries, cherries, and June berries are growing and you can eat them.

A variety of fragrant herbs such as blue flowers and white flowers

Row of large white Yamaboshi trees

Lots of pink Yamaboshi that decorate the road

Literally, the current Ark Ranch is a "flower ranch"!

The sounds of children playing in the tree house on a field trip

I can hear the sounds of animals in the distance

I feel like taking a nap in the shade of a tree is the best.


That's nice

After all, I'm sleepy~


Work, work!

Pig farming department lunch break person


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