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Create your own garden! !

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hello! !
Are you feeling unwell due to hot days or chilly days?
This time, I would like to show you the "miniature garden classroom" that was newly added to the classroom from last year.

The fun part of this class is planting greenery in containers with miniature figures, twigs, etc.
It is a place where you can create your own cute garden with miscellaneous goods such as chairs and swings.
There is no doubt that you will lose track of time and get absorbed in it! !
This class is also recommended for independent research and crafts during the summer vacation.

Tuition fee 2,160 yen per person (including material cost)
Capacity 5 to 20 people
Time required about 2 hours
What to bring Apron Gloves Scissors Writing utensils

The classroom is a reservation system.
Please let us know at least 7 days in advance for preparation.

Inquiries/Applications TEL: 0191-63-5100 FAX: 0191-63-5109
e-mail here

Yukie Chiba

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