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Hey, welcome! Hey, welcome.
It was sunny at Ark Ranch today, and the green and blue sky felt very nice♪
The view of the green pasture from Restaurant Til's is also soothing.

Well, today I have introduced you to you before.
Restaurant Tills weekday menu
I would like to talk about ``Thickly Sliced Tategamori Plate Pork Cutlet''.
This thick-sliced tonkatsu is amazing! !
Meat too ♪ Wheat too ♪ Eggs too ♪ Breadcrumbs too ♪
What, what?
Even the oil used to fry the thick-sliced tonkatsu (Tategamori Plateau pork back oil) is from Ark Farm! !
Does something like this ever exist? ?
Hmm, there it is! It's possible because it's ARK Ranch!
Each item is made with carefully selected ingredients and is delicious individually.
How about pairing it with tonkatsu? please imagine.

☆☆ Let's go Ark Ranch ☆☆
Thank you.

Restaurant Til's Chiba Akemi

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