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Okazaki Ohan

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Hello everyone.

It's the rainy season, so the weather continues to be dull.

According to the Japan Weather Association, the end of the rainy season this year will be similar to the average year, and it seems that the end of the rainy season will be around the end of July around Ark Tategamori.

Today, June 29th, the probability of rain was low and it didn't rain in the morning, so I released Okazaki Ouhan outside.

When they go outside, they peck at grass and dirt, run around, take a dust bath, and the rooster crows, "Cock-a-doodle!"

I was free to do as I please.

Seeing them living in a relaxed atmosphere in nature will also heal you.

Every day, I once again felt that I want to provide the best possible environment.

Ouhan Okazaki lives next to the Imaginary Square on the ranch.

We leave it outside when the weather is nice, so please take a look.

Agricultural Department Takumi Makino

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