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Recommended gift set♬

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The forecast is for Iwate to get really cold starting next week, but are you all ready for winter?

Today we'd like to introduce a gift set that you'll be happy to have during the busy end of the year!

Among the many gift sets, this is my favorite!

Additive-free delicatessen variety set

There are four types of delicatessen that can be eaten just by heating them up, and two types that can be eaten just by baking them.

It will be delivered frozen, so you can feel safe if you stock it up♡

I like to eat rice with lettuce, grilled pork, and mustard mayonnaise in a simple rice bowl with a bit of punch.

With less than two months left this year, I think many of you are making the final push.

I hope that meal time will be a time for you to take a breather! (^^)!

Marketing Department Utako Watanabe

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