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[Ecole Tategamori] Part of the next Tategamori Gottsuo lunch will be released Part Ⅲ

Ecole Tategamori
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■Tategamori Gottsuo Lunch

We will be releasing a portion of Tategamori Gottsuo Lunch. This time, it's Iwate Safari Park.

(The image is a current prototype, and ingredients and dishes may change.)

[Iwate Safari Park]

Lunch name: “Safari Gottsuo Bento”

Starting with the main Maezawa beef hamburger,
Iwate Safari's special Gottsuo bento box uses local ingredients from Iwate Prefecture, such as sausage skewers, organic vegetables, and traditional tofu dengaku. We created this product with the hope that marathon runners in the middle of winter can feel the ``wildness'' while filling their stomachs.

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