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Beautiful illumination of Ark Tategamori

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At Ark Tategamori
As the winter solstice approaches and dusk falls early, a beautiful moment that touches our hearts is arriving.

Ark Tategamori has been renovated and the glass area of the building has expanded. The scene created by the warm orange lighting inside the facility, shrouded in darkness, creates a sense of beauty that cannot be expressed in words.

It has a special charm that is unique to this season. The beauty of buildings and lighting that can only be experienced at this time of year when the days get shorter. Please take a look at the beautiful Ark Tategamori at night, which you can never see during the long days.

The heartwarming scenery invites you to a world of excitement.

*However, the farm market is open until 17:00.

Agriculture Department: Hideaki Katata

↓ Video included

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