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A scene from autumn at Ark Ranch

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It is said that ``Autumn is high in the sky and Mahi is slow.'' The weather has been good for the past few days, and the blue sky spreads out like a painting of "Heavenly ...".

The weather is fine today and the sunset is beautiful above the ARK Ranch. I'm sure it will be sunny tomorrow too (What, is a strong wind warning issued?)

Now, we are currently planting the "onion" seedlings that will be harvested next year. They grow 60,000 onions.
Of course, all of these onions are used at ARK Ranch with no pesticides and organic farming.
(1) Sales at farm markets (2) Food at restaurant Tills (3) Raw materials for various processed products.

All onion seedlings are planted by hand. The length of one ridge is 200m. My back hurts~! !

Last Saturday (November 5th), we held an event to apply antiseptic to the tree house (Kukunochi) in the hall.
We are about to welcome the third winter since this tree house was built.
It is said that we will apply preservatives to it so that it will last a long time.
About 20 general participants participated, and in about 2 hours, the inside, the outside of the reach, the floor, and after that,
We had a barbecue nearby and thanked him for his hard work.
Everyone who participated, from adults to children, worked happily with noisiness.

Barbecue after application work Application of antiseptic agent

The work of our farm department can be hard, but it can also be fun.
If you just throw yourself into a difficult task, you can continue to do so, so change the angle a little and make it fun
I always pursue it.


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