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Additive-free ham and sausage

The taste and quality of Tategamori Kogen pork is highly rated even in a contest in Germany.

Our food production started with the founder's desire to "make only things that families can eat with peace of mind." Since then, we have consistently placed importance on "using 100%'s own products as raw materials" and "continuing to make food that can be eaten with peace of mind." Additive-free hams and sausages from Ark Tategamori are recommended for those who seek authentic taste and are particular about food safety.

Reason for deliciousness


100% Tategamori Plateau pork
made from raw materials

We use 100% Tategamori Kogen pork, which is the raw material for our hams and sausages. In order to make the best use of its natural flavor, we do not use preservatives, coloring agents, binders, or umami seasonings.
*Ark Tategamori does not use any preservatives, coloring agents, binders, umami seasonings, coloring agents, or bulking agents.


With authentic technology and unique know-how,
Realization of additive-free hams and sausages

Making additive-free hams and sausages is said to be difficult to bring to a high level of taste and quality. Pursuing advanced manufacturing technology and thorough hygiene management, Ark Tategamori's original additive-free ham and sausage that cannot be imitated by combining the knowledge and technology acquired in Germany with the know-how that has been refined independently. has been completed.


German competition
Award-winning taste and quality

At the same time, we have received many positive comments from customers, such as, "I can let my children eat this without worrying about it," and "Is this really additive-free? It's delicious." Ark Tategamori's hams and sausages, which have won gold, silver, and copper coins in contests, are guaranteed to have both taste and quality.

Additive-free ham and sausage
Development story


Additive-free ham and sausage
Development story

Encounter with a German engineer

In 1985, when I started manufacturing and selling hams and sausages, I had a fateful encounter with an engineer while visiting Germany, the home of processed pork products, many times. His name is Jürgen Schmidt. When I first met him, he was only 17 years old. I was born into a family of two generations of ham and sausage meisters, and I was in the process of studying at a vocational school to succeed the third generation. He had the ability to win an award for excellence.

Acquire authentic techniques and knowledge

We fell in love with Mr. Schmidt's diligent personality, his reliable skills and knowledge, and his enthusiastic attitude toward making hams and sausages. Mr. Schmidt sympathized with our feelings and agreed to come to Japan, where we had never visited and had no acquaintances. After that, Mr. Schmidt stayed for one year and taught the staff the technology, and after that, he stayed for five years, one month every year, and proceeded with various research and product development. He went on to college and got a doctorate in the food industry, and is still our best advisor on product development and family.

Additive-free challenge

When we started manufacturing and selling hams and sausages, Japanese hams and sausages used large amounts of additives as a matter of course. However, we had a strong desire to create processed products that are both delicious and safe by making the most of our confident pork, 100%, without using any additives. We even thought that there was no meaning or value in doing it ourselves if we were to make things as usual.

Finally completed after trial and error

With a single-minded desire to "make only food that my family can eat with peace of mind," I combined the knowledge and skills I had acquired so far with my own know-how, and after repeated trial and error, I was able to create a safe product that cannot be imitated by others. Ark Tategamori's original additive-free hams and sausages that have both sexiness and deliciousness have been completed. As times have changed and food safety has come to be emphasized, we have received many voices of joy from our customers. We will continue to pursue it day by day.

About Ark Tategamori
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To deliver health and the joy of eating,
To connect the future of agriculture to the next generation,
With an unchanging desire since our founding,
We continue to challenge here in Tategamori.


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Nurture, create, connect, and circulate.
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