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Because it's free-range
healthy chickens give birth
delicious eggs

Ark Tategamori's "mukashi tamago" is a fertilized egg laid by chickens that lively run around in the vast nature of the ranch. Unlike eggs (unfertilized eggs) laid by caged chickens that prioritize efficiency, these eggs are laid by love between roosters and hens that are raised in a relaxed environment.

Reason for deliciousness


Able to produce fertilized eggs
Low-stress environment for chickens

Eggs laid in a free-range environment with roosters at a rate of 5% or more among hens are fertilized eggs. It is difficult to raise chickens in ordinary cages, but since the environment is free-range and the roosters protect the hens from predators, there is little stress, so you can lay healthy eggs with peace of mind.


Japanese breed suitable for free range

After searching for a breed that is suitable for free-range and has a stable supply, we ended up with the "Okazaki Ouhan" chicken native to Japan. A large chicken breed with beautiful plumage with black and white stripes. The shell is brown, and despite its size, it has a high percentage of yolk, and the white flesh is crisp, giving it a reputation for its rich sweetness and richness. You can feel the umami the most when you eat it with egg over rice, and you can clearly see that the richness and umami are different from other eggs.


Considering the taste and safety of eggs
Discerning feed

We also pay close attention to the feed we give our chickens. Raw materials for feeds are managed under separate production and distribution management to prevent contamination with genetically modified organisms. In addition, by blending herbs, it enhances the chicken's immunity and eliminates the peculiar smell of eggs. In addition, we do not give any drugs such as antibiotics in order to focus on growing healthy. The chickens of Ark Tategamori are fed with carefully selected feed, bathed in the blazing sunshine, fed with grasses and insects from the vast pastures, and organic minerals from the earth. is very healthy.


Breeding management and shipping system

In addition to feeding the chickens and keeping them healthy, our farm staff manually handles everything from picking up eggs to shipping them to the customer's table. At the ranch, you can also experience “picking eggs”. It is popular with both children and adults because you can experience firsthand that the cold eggs that are usually in the refrigerator are actually warm lives that are born in this way. Our staff, who know everything about the characteristics of chickens, will answer any questions you may have.


Full-bodied and sweet
Nostalgic original taste of eggs

Mukashi-tamago eggs produced from healthy chickens have no odor, are rich and sweet, and are characterized by the nostalgic original taste of eggs. The simpler the way you eat it, such as tamago kake gohan or fried egg, the more delicious it will be. The appearance is also clearly different from eggs laid by caged chickens. You can pick up the thick yolk wrapped in the raised white with chopsticks. And because the vitality is so strong, even if you crack the egg and leave it for a day, the yolk and itself will not drip and will maintain a raised state.

About Ark Tategamori
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With an unchanging desire since our founding,
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