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pesticide-free vegetables

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Carefully nurtured one by one
Safe vegetables

Ark Tategamori's vegetables are cultivated without the use of pesticides or herbicides, and of course, they grow freely with organic fertilizers produced in-house and the blessings of Tategamori's land. , The umami of healthy vegetables is tightly condensed.

Reason for deliciousness


Safe, delicious and healthy agricultural products
from healthy soil

Fertile and healthy soil is essential for growing vegetables. We manufacture our own organic fertilizers to create healthy soil. Our original fertilizer, which is highly productive and environmentally friendly, contains a wide variety of useful bacteria and has the right amount of fertilizer ingredients for growing vegetables.


Grown without pesticides

Based on the philosophy of "food is life", we grow vegetables without using any herbicides or pesticides because we want to make food that our families can eat with peace of mind. Fighting weeds almost every day. There is no end to the grass that grows no matter how much it is cut, but it is cut steadily by human power.


Vegetables taste different! and
has been well received

The original sweetness of vegetables is strong because they make their own organic fertilizer. At our own fertilizer center, we convert the excrement of the pigs raised at Ark Tategamori's ranch and garbage from restaurants into organic fertilizer. By using this fertilizer and cultivating vegetables in a field that has created rich soil, it is possible to bring out the original taste of vegetables.


Very popular with children

Vegetables that grow freely with organic fertilizer are particularly sweet compared to other vegetables, so even children who don't like vegetables say, "I can eat this vegetable."

About Ark Tategamori
For those who want to know more

About us

To deliver health and the joy of eating,
To connect the future of agriculture to the next generation,
With an unchanging desire since our founding,
We continue to challenge here in Tategamori.


nurture, grow,
and circulate

our efforts

Nurture, create, connect, and circulate.
Consistent with all food-related initiatives
The characteristic of Ark Tategamori is that we do it in-house.